What do you desire?

Some may find it easy, but many, I’ve found, have not. When we’re young it’s a faint question in the background; it’s a passing thought that’s constantly being put off until later, until we’re older and supposedly wiser. And then “later” comes and we’re older, in grad school or working a full time job, in a career and all grown up, maybe even married with a family, many years have passed, but still we have not answered that question. It’s still there, asking of us: What do you desire?

I know some people who seem to have answered that question. Some were very young and found their “itch” quickly and have pursued it all their life. But many, I think, are still trying to answer that question.

What do you desire?

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  1. To live in a cozy cabin in the Tennessee mountains and write to my heart’s content… I’d rather share this with my soul-mate, if I have one, but even alone this simple dream sums up what I’d like fairly well. (With my ever-growing-up children in this picture, too, of course.)

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