Morning coffee Reflection: social media

Like much of the world, it seems, I enjoy social media and I’m sure—to some degree—I will continue too. My typical morning involves making the coffee and then sitting down and opening a social media app or two and sipping coffee while I take in some of what my social media friends have posted and said. But admittedly there are times I’ve thought about deleting some, if not all, of my social media accounts. Sure, on the positive side there’s that perceived sense of connection you feel with people you know, have known and haven’t seen in years, and the sharing of all those great memories, personal news, and the good-natured banter that goes on. I enjoy all these things. But of course every rose has its thorn…bush. Which means there are times while scrolling through, say, Facebook or Twitter, I start to think maybe it would’ve been better if Noah had missed the boat.

But alas! I scroll on!

Enjoy your Saturday.

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