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Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday for those of us who follow the Christian faith. Today Christians all around the world will celebrate the resurrection and the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. For Christians this is the holiest day of…

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Ash Wednesday

“It strikes me today that the liturgy of Ash Wednesday teaches something that nearly everyone can agree on…’Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return.’ Death is a part of life. My prayer for you this season…

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New Year’s Day at Washington National Cathedral

Most of you recognize Washington D.C. by its neoclassical buildings like the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, and the ancient Greek temple-style memorials of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. But off in the distance, away from the National Mall and…

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Sunrise on the Beach

Even on vacation I rarely sleep past 7 a.m. Decades of being up at o-dark-thirty for work have worn some solid grooves. And, truth be known, whether by habit or disposition, I love the early morning. So while everyone was…

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A Winter’s Morning Walk

One early winter’s morning, before anyone was awake, I went for a walk in the snow. For me, the wintery wonderland provides a unique chance to be alone with my thoughts and to do some deep reflecting and communing with…

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